The 6th Annual International Jashan-e-Khusrau to commence from 23rd, December 2018. Rang-e-Khusrau ( Sufi Music Concert) at 18:30 hrs at Main Lawns, Taj Deccan Hotel Road No 1, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad. .

Jashan E Khusrau

About us

ALL INDIA MARKAZI MAJLIS-E-CHISTIA (AIMMC) was formed in 1956 to create awareness,promote and propagate the teachings of Khajagan-e-Chist.

The AIMMC, from its inception, was very active in conducting Seminars, Teaching Camps, Fatehas, Urs, and birth and death anniversaries of great and holy saints.

The very purpose of creating such an Organization is to propagate the message of peace, universal love and tranquility, to teach spiritual values, and to make human beings an example and to teach each other human values of the highest Order.

Apart from teaching spirituality and Sufism AIMMC is also engaged in the promotion of communal harmony and brotherhood, by organizing discussions on topics on the lines and guidance provided by Teachings of Khawjagan-e-Chist (great and holy Saints of Chistia Silsila).

Aims and Objectives

     To introduce the multifaceted personality of Hazrath Amir Khusrau to the present generation.

     To emphasize the relevance of the rich contribution of Hazrath Amir Khusrau.

     To explain the benefit of the teachings of Chisti Sufi Orders through the works of Hazrath Amir Khusrau.

     To elaborate the significance of the unique and historic experiment of amalgamation of the great and ancient Indian Civilization with the then International Islamic Civilization and the contribution of Hazrath Amir Khusrau.

     To highlight the Relations between religion and State in the latter part of the thirteenth century India and the role of Hazrath Amir Khusrau as a bridge between the times.

     To explain the humanitarian teachings of the Chisti Sufi Order through the writings, of Hazrath Amir Khusrau, which are the need of the day

     To grant monetary Awards to scholars in English, Hindi and Telugu for producing learned Articles on Hazrath Amir Khusrau, in accordance with the topics and guidelines provided by ‘Jashan-e-Khusrau’.

     To recognize the services of those dignitaries who are engaged in the promotion of National Integration, on the lines and in accordance with the teachings of Hazrath Amir Khusrau.

     To appreciate the difference between mystic love and worldly desires and to revive the value of high levels of personal conduct, character and demeanor.

     To celebrate functions on Hazrath Amir Khusrau Dehlavi throughout the Country, in a manner befitting his stature

     To exchange cultural delegations with other countries, including but not limited to the CIS countries, Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan and Turkey.

     To prepare documentary films on the life and contributions of Hazrath Amir Khusrau.

     To issue appeals and applications for financial contributions for the furtherance of objects of the Jashan-e-Khusrau and, this connection to accept gifts, donations and subscriptions or cash and in kind of all types.

Jashan E Khusrau